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Annual Pass Information

From 2020, N's YARD will offer an Annual Pass for university students and adults.
The passes are recommended for those planning to make four or more visits in a year.

How to Purchase Annual Passes

Annual Pass price: 5,000 yen (incl. tax)

What to bring when buying an Annual Pass

Visitors buying an Annual Pass are asked to bring a portrait photo of themselves (W 30mm x H 40mm)
This will be affixed to the annual pass.

  1. Photos printed at home are acceptable.
  2. While photos do not need to be recent, they must be suitable for identifying the pass-holder.
  3. Illustrations, or photos of individuals other than the pass-holder will not be accepted.

How to Purchase

Annual Passes may be purchased directly when visiting N's YARD. Please ask the reception staff, who will issue an Annual Pass card.
Pass-holders are asked to write their name on the card.
Annual Passes are valid from the day of purchase.

Management of Personal Information

All personal information is managed according to the N's YARD's privacy policy.
Personal information obtained for the purpose of issuing Annual Passes will only be used for managing membership of N's YARD, and will not be offered to third parties unless required to do so by law or other justifiable reasons.

Annual Pass Validity

Passes are valid from the day of purchase until the year's winter closure.

E.g.) For a ticket purchased on 1 April 2020 Validity: From April 1, 2020 until the winter closure in December 2020
Prices remain the same regardless of when the pass is purchased.
Annual Passes may not be used by anyone other than the pass-holder.