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This private facility was born out of Yoshitomo Nara’s desire to set up a place in Japan where his works could be enjoyed in a more casual, personal setting.
N’s YARD is a contemporary art space showcasing the work of Yoshitomo Nara and other modern artists. Besides works, the exhibits feature record sleeves and art objects lovingly collected by Nara over many years.

Nara picked the location after being captivated by Nasu’s rich natural environment and scenery.
Following an advance opening in November 2017, N’s YARD officially opened in March 2018.
The site also features a gift shop selling original items and a café offering light meals, drinks, and desserts made with handpicked ingredients.


Aside from a diverse selection of Nara's works, paintings, drawings, and three-dimensional works, the five exhibition rooms contain displays personally curated by Nara, including his collection of records, dolls, and pieces by other artists.

Outside stands a 5m bronze sculpture, Miss Forest / Thinker.
Exhibits are changed once a year during the facility's winter closure, but new works are also sometimes displayed for limited periods soon after completion.
Along with the seasonal beauty of Nasu's natural environment, this space lets visitors directly experience the world as viewed by Yoshitomo Nara.

* Changes to exhibit content will be announced via the NEWS section of the website.