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When Visiting

Visitors to N's YARD are asked to observe the facility's regulations. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Facility Regulations


Visitors may be asked to present their tickets once inside the facility.
Visitors wishing to re-enter the facility must present their ticket stubs to reception staff.
Please follow staff instructions while inside the facility.

<Photography & Mobile Phone Use>

Please do not use flash, tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks inside the building.
Photographs taken within the facility must not be published, sold, reproduced, copied, distributed, or used in any other way for commercial purposes.
Please set mobile phones to silent mode and refrain from making calls within the building.

<Food & Drink, Smoking>

Please refrain from eating or drinking (including water, candy, and gum) inside the buildings, except for in the café area.
Outside food or drink may not be brought into the café area.
Please refrain from eating or drinking (including candy and gum) on the premises, including the parking area.
Smoking is prohibited throughout the premises, including the parking area.

<Personal Items>

Dangerous items, plants (including fresh flowers) and umbrellas must not be brought into the facility.
Animals other than assistance dogs are not allowed in the facility.
Please use lockers to store large items.
Refrain from using writing tools other than pencils within the building.
Do not bring personal trash into the facility.

<Viewing the Exhibits>

Refrain from any actions that may cause a nuisance to other visitors.
Please enjoy the indoor exhibits quietly.
Do not touch works or display cases, including outdoor sculptures.
Please refrain from standing on the lawns or the bases of outdoor sculptures.

<Visiting with Children>

Visitors with young children are responsible for supervising them at all times, ensuring they do not run to prevent the risk of falling or touching exhibits.
Children of elementary school age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Please advise us if using a stroller. Rental strollers are not available.