• Getting to N’s YARD using JR Express Bus



    JR express bus is the least expensive way to get to N’s YARD from Tokyo. Since there are only limited numbers of buses going to /coming back from Toda station per day, the following schedule is the ideal plan and we advise you to plan your trip carefully around the bus schedule. if you miss the last bus you may have to find another form of transportation to get back to Tokyo.


    〈On the way〉

    Step 1

    JR Shinjuku Station Toda Station



    Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku New South Exit)

     width= BUS number: JR 5: Towards Nasu-onsen, Shiobara-Onsen, Nishinasuno area


    Toda Station (JR Express Bus Terminal)


    Step 2

    Toda Station N’s YARD

    There are two ways to get to N’s YARD from Toda Station.


    Option 1: Walk

    From Toda Station to N’s YARD is approx.35 min on foot (approx..3km) For map, please click here:


    Option 2: Bus (¥230) + Walk

    There is a public bus leaving Toda station at the following schedule.



    Toda Station

     Kanto Auto Works Bus (Plate chamber Onsen Toda-kuroiso stationLine)


    Get off at Aoki Bessou Mae(Aoki villa before bus stop)

    (Two stops, approx..3min bus ride)

    Walk to N’s YARD (approx..7 min on foot). For map, please click here:





    Step 1

    N’s YARD Toda Station

    There are two ways to get to Toda Station from N’s YARD.


    Option 1: Walk

    It is approx. 35min (3km) on foot from N’s YARD to TODA station express bus terminal.

    *In order to catch the last bus leaving to Shinjuku at16:35, we advise you to leave N’s YARD by 15:45 the latest.


    Option 2: Taxi

    It is approx.¥2,000 and about 5min to Toda Station.

    Please note that the taxi takes 15min to pick you up from N’s YARD.

    ※ Please note that there are no buses available from “Aoki Bessou-mae” to “Toda Station” on the way back.


    Step 2

    Toda Station Shinjuku Station



    Toda JR Express bus terminal.

     width= Bus number: JR 12: Towards Shinjuku


    Shinjuku Express Bus Terminal (Shinjuku New South Exit)



    • The schedule is from March 1st, 2019 and subject to change. Please check the latest schedule online prior to your visit.
    • Arrival time may change depending on traffic. Please use this only as a reference.
    • For more information, Please contact the following.

    JR Bus:ジェイアールバス関東株式会社 (Express bus from/to Shinjuku) Kanto Auto Works Co., Ltd.: 関東自動車株式会社(Local bus from Toda Station)